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subscapularissubscapularis attachingsupraspinatusinfraspinatusteres minortrapeziussterno cleido mastoid musclepectoralis majorbreast fatbreast fatomohyoidtrapeziusdeltoid anterior headdeltoid middle headspine of scapula
biceps-tendon-radiuslacertus-of-biceps-over-musclebicepsacromion-scapulaleft-claviclebrachial-plexus anterior-scalenebicepstricepsdeltoid anterior thirdbicepscoracobrachialistricepsflexor carpi ulnarisbrachialislatissimus dorsiteres major

The trapezius attaches along the vertebral spine to the scapular spine and forward to the outer clavicle


The triceps long head (the middle one of the three heads) attaches to the scapula just below the glenoid on the 'neck' area.

The anterior scalene muscles run from the deep medial edge of the scapula forward to the ribs. The subscapularis coats the underside of the scapula.


The scapular spine horizontally divides the back side of the scapula into an upper area (with the supraspinatus muscle) and the lower (with the infraspinatus muscle). Almost part of the infraspinatus at its lower edge isnthe teres minor.

The latissimus dorsi runs the spine deep to the trapezius and attaches to the upper front of the humerus.


The levator scapulae suspends the scapula from its top peak. The rhomboids attach the medial edge to the spine along the transverse processes & ligaments.

As the arms of the child reach up and out to secure to his mother, the teres major and rhomboids run from humerus to spine to center the scapula. The levator at the top steers this mobile plate. The serratus anterior muscles are powerful forward pullers of the scapula that attach by passing the full width of the under surface of the scapula (which is lined by the subscapularis) to reach the vertical medial edge where it afixes.