-Touch a muscle to see its name- & allow 'pop-ups'

rt iliac crestlft iliac crestishial tuberosityacetabulum back wall -hip socketgreater trochanter of femurcoccyxsacrumlumbar areathorax cervical areaLeg(s)
sartoriusgracilisiliotibial band of the tensor fascia lataexternal oblique - abdominalrectus abdominusexternal oblique - outer of 3 layers of abd
rectus abdominus - 6 pack is 8quadriceps to palella (knee cap)sartoriustensor F L & ITBexternal obliquesPectoralis major
trapeziusdeltoidunseen deep pec minorpec majorlats (latissimus dorsi) Quad- Rectus femoris (deeper = vastus intermedius)Quad: Vastus MediusQuadriceps tendonpatella (kneecap)extensor digitorum longuscalf lateral gast.sartoriusgracilismed hams (semitendinosus, semimembranosus)tibialis posteriorextensor hallucis longusmedial gastrocnemius great toe abductorretinaculumretinaculumretinaculumtriceps long headteres majorlatissimus dorsicoracobrachialisbicepsPES ANSERINUS (Sar, Grac, Semiten common insert)peroneus (L&B)lateral gastrocnemius
pectiniusadductor longusgracilis (& pes)gracilis & pesadductor longusadd. magnus long headpes (attaches almost anterior edge tibia)patella seated in femoral groovesartorius to pesadductor longuspectiniusadductor magnusadd longusadd magnuspectiniuspectiniussartoriusSummit, New Jerseyhands on hips is actually top of pelvisactual hip joint
adductor magnusadd longusadd magnusadd magnussartoriusobturator foramen of pelvisobturator foramen pelvis
psoas (from vertebrae intraabdominal)psoasgluteus medius (unseen deeper = glut minimus)piriformis (crossing sciatic n. as it exits pelvis)quadratus femorispiriformis (in pelvis)pyriformis (crossing sciatic to Gr. trochanter)quadratus femoris (deep to sciatic n)Fido
deep attachments gluteus maximus
piriformis (outer half of sciatic scissors)psoas tendon en route to lesser trochanterpsoas tendon on lesser trochanterpsoaspsoas

In the Quicktime© movie on the left we get a hint of the action of the smaller deeper muscles about the hip. Just a taste.

With the more superficial forward adductor adductor longus removed medially and pectineus lateral to that still seen, we see the next layer of adductors. The tall thin gracile hamstring-like adductor the gracilis is most medial. Deep to the missing adductor longus we can see the Adductor brevis which tucks in behind the pectineus a wee bit.


With the more superficial component of the quadriceps removed (rectus femoris), we see the middle plane adductors (gracilis, adductor brevis, and pectinius - the latter at the edge is both forward and middle plane)

Notice the big vessels take this plane from over the brim of the pelvis to - um - ?? lost it under the medial quad ...


. . . ahhh, that's better. We see the vessels diving under an arch in a big muscle deep to the adductor brevis and longus. This is the adductor magnus.


Both the obturator externus and internus run from the obturator canal to behind the greater trochanter. The pitiformis sits beneath the roots of the sacrum entering the pelvis to join into the sciatic nerve and a sacral plexus.






Just below the gemelli we find the last small outward rotater, the quadratus femoris. Aside from the joint capsule, the quadratus femoris is the floor under the sciatic nerve separating it from the hip. The gemelli are a bit upstream and coming from the top of top of the greater sciatic notch is the piriformis.