Ee4  Apolipoprotein
There is a gene on chromosome # 19 which encodes a glycoprotein (a combo protein and sugar chain) called E epsilon Apolipoprotein. The molecule seems to be active in the mechanism that gets cholesterol and lipoproteins to the needed places in neurons (and some other cells). There are known variations in the product of this gene. The type 4 variant of the E-Apolipoprotein gene seems to result in a diminished ability to repair neurologic damage. Thus it is found in higher percentages in cases of neurologic trauma which do badly. The implication is that the damage might have otherwise repaired.

The report is out of School of Medicine University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - reprints c/o dept of Orthopaedics (JPO 20/6)

Marfan's Syndrome seems to be giving way to what it is. See the bottom section in Fibers.


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