About the Area

We are in the Watchung Mountains atop the most eastern ridge.

       To our west is a valley.

Looking eastward from our overlook  ...
we overlook   New York City.

Follow route 78 to route 24 to (the) Summit
 and then
follow the light blue hospital signs to us. 

Need a map?

Overlook Hospital is carved into the mountain.  For that reason our ground floor (the main floor) of the front of the main building is the fifth floor. The rest is underground.


We have a main corridor underground that winds for 1/4 mile.

So, the main entrance is to the fifth floor.


Entering on the 5th floor, you are in the main lobby.


We are hard to find THAT way! The 5th floor is nice, but that's NOT  us. We are in the West Wing.

Easier to go back outside. 

Look, over toward the right - directly across from the parking lot is another entrance -  to the FOURTH FLOOR.  No, it doesn't seem to be that much lower. It is. Hills do that. 

Use the fourth floor entrance to the right side of the EMERGENCY vehicle entrance (U shaped covered ambulance unload area).

Here it is. Straight ahead, on the right just past the information desk in the  corridor is an elevator.
That elevator takes you down to the FIRST floor where MRI lives and where we live.

The fourth floor  travels beneath the roadway from which you just entered. You can walk to the  medical arts building and pharmacy without going outside (nice in the rain or snow).

Main x-ray (a huge department) is on the fourth floor beyond the elevator that takes you to us.
For now, take the elevator to the  first floor and just go straight ahead when you get off on the first floor to find us.  

Claustrophobic ? Don't be.  The first floor opens to the street on the other side of that mountain - Morris Avenue.


That's the back door of the hospital.  Over sized vehicles can park here and enter directly.  We are right inside this door - just off Morris Avenue. The back door.
We are Pediatric Orthopedics / Children's Neuromuscular Center.


We have a real tool bench with an anvil, drills and grinding equipment!

And wrenches. And files? Grommets and rivets and hammers - oh my.
Doctors use those? 


We do.

We are into problem solving and are not too prissy about it. We use whatever tools it takes.
Don't worry, the tool bench is for metal  and plastic working.

People keep telling us that we think outside    the box.

There's a box? What box?


We have our own video gait lab with space age technology...
but the best tool is still using  the old  noggin.